The construction industry is the nation’s largest single industry, employing more people and contributing more money to America’s bottom line than any other single industry. And with the need for new schools, hospitals, housing, and other commercial buildings increasing, the industry is going to need more and more quality workers to get all of the work done. In fact, the State of Oregon predicts that by 2020, we will need to fill 30,000 positions in the construction industry. From skilled trade workers, to designers and management positions, to support staff, permanent, well-paying construction careers exist in all areas of the industry.

Construction Pays Well

In 2017 in Oregon, a heavy equipment operator average salary totaled $54,600 per year. A plumber averaged $36.24 per hour…that’s over $75,000 per year! And that's just wages - not including all the great benefits, or any overtime! Unlike many industries, regardless of where you start, if you pay attention and work hard, you may end up running your own construction company someday.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Careers in the construction industry can be divided into four general categories: Skilled Trades, Management, Administrative and Professional Support, and Design and Engineering. Explore the various job opportunities within each category. Click on the following links to find out what each job entails and what you'll need to know to jump start your own career in construction.


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