Educator Externship

The Educator Externship program is a two-week summer experience, where educators can gain hands-on learning experiences about many of the various careers available in the construction industry. Educators visit multiple construction company offices and jobsites to better understand the skills and competencies needed to perform occupations in the skilled trades, professional, and administrative arenas. Educators are required to complete informational interviews, maintain a reflective journal, and develop at least one lesson plan. 

This Educator Externship Program was designed on the Discovery Project model, which had the following objectives:

  • Infuse Real-World Relevance: Experience firsthand the skills, knowledge, and technologies expected of students as they enter the modern workplace.
  • Develop Partnerships: Foster relationships with local business professionals in high-demand, high-wage industry sectors.
  • Foster Multi-Disciplinary Connections: Explore curriculum, spaces, processes and/or systems that help students to make connections between academic and technical information.
  • Increase Career Related Learning: Expose educators to various careers within the industry, to engage students in the skills needed to succeed in construction careers and help students identify career opportunities within the industry.

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