Your advice and counsel is critical to students as they graduate and pursue a career. Successful and satisfying careers don't necessarily require an expensive 4-year degree from a university. We all need a highly skilled and able workforce. These skills can be attained through community college, certificates, trades schools and apprenticeships.

The construction industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic career opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after high school and for those who want to pursue college degrees. The industry needs individuals with advanced degrees and training in business and computer-savvy positions—such as project managers, estimators, and designers—as well as skilled trades specialists.

A career in construction offers good pay and benefits, ability to continue education, potential to advance, and opportunities to be your own boss. There is an amazing sense of accomplishment achieved when a person helps design or build a stadium, bridge, high rise, or hospital.

Your advice to students will help them decide what they want to do with their lives. A career in construction may be the best decision they'll ever make. To better guide your students to a career path that is right for them, we encourage you to:

We especially encourage students who have a strong interest and aptitude in math, science, and technologies to pursue careers in construction. From construction management degree programs at world-renowned universities, to apprenticeship programs and trade schools, educational opportunities in construction are plentiful and varied.

We have developed tools, resources and initiatives designed to attract the attention of students; educate with construction relevance, experience, and examples; and engage with industry partners. Our approach to workforce development has multiple components that will help you as an educator to explore career opportunities with students.

If you or your students are interested in attending events and activities related to careers in contruction, be sure to visit our Events page, or check out the 2017 Industry Outreach Calendar (updated 3/23/17).

Educator Resources

Educator Externships 2017

This Educator Externship program is a 2 week summer program, Monday-Thursday July 31-August 10, 2017. Twenty educators will have an opportunity to gain hands-on learning experiences about many of the various careers available in the construction industry. Educators will visit multiple construction company offices and jobsites during the program to better understand the skills and competencies needed to perform construction related occupations in the skilled trades, professional, and adminstrative arenas. Attendees will tour several active apprenticeship training programs. Participants will be expected to complete informational interviews with key individuals in the industry, maintain a reflective journal of their experiences, and develop at least one lesson plan to be shared with other educators.

Watch our video: 2016 Educator Externship Program

Contact Cherie Clark at Willamette ESD for an application,, (503) 588-5330


2016 Summer Educator Externship Program

  • Lesson Plans (developed by Educators partcipating in the Externship Program)

Competency Based Universal Construction Skills (developed by SEDCOR)

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